How to Work Out with Chronic Pain

If you are one of the many people around the world who suffer from chronic pain, you may be wondering if you can exercise when you are afflicted with this condition. Unfortunately chronic pain is an experience that will affect both your body and your mind. Learning to work out with chronic pain will allow you to manage the pain and move in a manner that is more comfortable. There are a few types of exercise that are suitable if you have chronic pain. To find out which one works best for you will simply be a matter of trial and error.

What is Chronic Pain?

If you have been feeling pain in your body for at least twelve months you are suffering from chronic pain. This may be pain in your muscles, joints or other areas of your body.

Hiring a Personal Trainer or Physical Therapist

If the idea of creating a workout routine that will accommodate your physical limitations leaves you feeling lost it may be time to consult a professional.

A physical therapist or a personal trainer will be able to help you create realistic exercise goals. They will also be capable of constructing a workout routine that works with your pain levels. 

Try Yoga for Pain Relief

There are many benefits to practicing yoga. The primary goal of yoga is to increase your flexibility and strength. Because yoga teaches you to meditate and breathe properly it can be used as a tool to help you manage your chronic pain. Stretching and breathing exercises will release the tension in your body and this may have an impact on the level of pain that you experience.

Walking With Chronic Pain

One form of exercise that you may overlook is walking. This is because walking is an activity that you can easily take for granted. Walking is an excellent low impact exercise if you have chronic pain. The trick is to start off slowly and walk a distance that you feel comfortable with. As your stamina increases you may walk further depending on your pain levels.

Although you may not feel like getting up and walking around the block when you have chronic pain it is important to understand that not moving at all can worsen the pain you experience. Essentially your body will become stiff and your muscles will weaken from lack of activity.  By attempting to keep active you will be able to manage your pain.


Pilates is an exercise that is similar to yoga.  It involves a lot of stretching, breathing, focus and concentration. Because this style of exercise is low impact and will strengthen and lengthen muscles it is a good option if you have chronic pain. While Pilates may look easy it can be difficult if you are a beginner. Due to this it is important that you take care not to overdo it when starting to practice Pilates.

There are many benefits to regular exercise and although chronic pain may make exercising difficult it is still something that should be attempted–even if that means a simple walk around your garden to start with. 


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