How to Work Off Belly Fat after Pregnancy

For many women, the birth of a baby results in belly fat that is not easily resolved. Excess belly fat after pregnancy can happen for many reasons. For instance, genetics may play a role, gaining too much weight during pregnancy, not getting enough exercise, eating the wrong types of foods, having a cesarean section and other reasons. Whatever the reason for the excess belly fat, it’s not an impossible goal to get rid of it. You can accomplish this by working at it slowly and steadily, and utilizing some ideas that will help. Check with your doctor before beginning anything new and to make sure there are no underlying health issues.

Nurse Your Baby

One of the most helpful things you can do to get rid of belly fat after pregnancy is to breastfeed your baby. This is the ideal suggestion for your baby as well. When you breastfeed your baby you need to eat healthy and drink lots of water or juice in order to keep up your milk supply. Breastfeeding also naturally assists in shrinking the uterus back down to its normal size.

Start Walking

No matter how you give birth, even the medical professionals typically recommend walking around as soon as you can. Walking will help your body regain its shape and strength. It’s best to start with a walking schedule that you can build upon. This will make it manageable and create a higher likelihood for success. A regular walking regime is not only great for working off belly fat after pregnancy, but is also great for mental and emotional health. This is something you can do with your baby as well.

Use Shapewear

Although shapewear comes in many different types and brands, the basic premise is the same. Shapewear is for compression of the body to assist in muscle healing, surgery recovery and posture support. It has also been touted as a weight loss assistant because it makes the body sweat. Shapewear only helps you work off belly fat after pregnancy when it is worn every day for the whole day.

Interval Training

When you want to take off some serious belly fat, whether you were pregnant or not, then interval training is your answer. Interval training is the process of utilizing a regular walking schedule along with interspersed sprints or hard running. For example, if your regular workout consists of 30 minutes walking on the treadmill or using the elliptical machine, just intersperse what you regularly do with one-minute high speed intervals. Studies have shown this to be a very effective way to lose weight overall, and particularly belly fat.

The hard truth is that recovering from childbirth is a process that takes time. It’s also important to realize that belly fat is not something that can be lost by spot training. You must focus on whole body health to see results in the loss of belly fat. For some women, a slight belly pouch that never goes away is reality.


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