How to Use Tofu as an Egg Substitute

Though tofu is often used as a substitute for chicken, beef and even fish, it is rarely thought of as an egg substitute. No matter if you want to use the eggs in baked goods, cooked meals or in a new way altogether, it is important to start out with tofu that is of a similar texture to that of the eggs that you’re substituting it for.

Choose the Right Kind of Tofu

When it comes to using tofu as an egg substitute, start by choosing the right kind of tofu. Tofu comes in different textures, ranging from very soft to very firm. For best results, choose a texture of tofu that is most similar to the texture of the egg that you’re substituting. For example, if you are using raw eggs in baked food, find a tofu is as as soft as possible. When using tofu as a substitute for hard boiled eggs, look for a firmer tofu in order to most closely resemble the actual food being substituted.

Using Tofu as an Egg Substitute in Baking

When using eggs as a substitute in cakes, pies and even cookies, you can use approximately a one to one substitution ratio. For example, if the recipe calls for one egg (which equals around 1/4 cup), you can use 1/4 cup of tofu as a substitute. Be sure to experiment with brands of tofu in order to find the one that works best in your recipes. For baking, you should ideally use a tofu that has as bland a flavor as possible, in order to completely blend into the taste of the baked good.

Using Tofu as an Egg Substitute in Cooking

Tofu can be used with relative ease as an egg substitute while cooking. Eggs are often used in cream sauces, casseroles and even in meatloaf and similar food items. As with the tofu used in baking, tofu used in cooking can be substituted at a one to one ratio. When cooking with tofu, it is okay to use slightly firmer tofu. Doing so allows the tofu to stand out on its own rather than blend into the rest of the food, and helps to create both an interesting flavor and texture.

Other Uses of Tofu as an Egg Substitute

Tofu can also be used as a substitute for eggs in omelets, chicken or shrimp salad, and in numerous other ways. Be sure to experiment with a wide range of different textures and brands of tofu in order to find the one that works best for the recipe of your choice.


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