How to Use the Exercise Bike

The exercise bike was one of the first common pieces of workout equipment. They are available for all budgets. Some are offered at under $200 at popular stores, and there are higher-end bikes with all kinds of modern technological options that sell for over $5,000. Each bike will have its own particular instructions that should be read prior to its operation. However, here are some of the basics on how to use the exercise bike at home or at your local gym. Just remember to check with a physician before beginning any exercise or workout program.

Customizing the Bike Ride

Before getting on an exercise bike, there are a few things that should be adjusted. First of all, you want to adjust the bike for your height. Pretty much any exercise bike will have different settings on how far back the seat can be adjusted from the petals and handle bars. To decide the perfect setting for you, try sitting on he bike first. Then, estimate how far back you should sit to pedal comfortably. You may even pedal a few times to try it out before adjusting again. Some seats also adjust for height; also adjust this for optimal comfort when pedaling. When you are new to a gym, be sure to ask a trainer or membership salesman to show you the ins and outs of all the equipment.

Planning the Bike Ride

If it’s a newer exercise bike, you’ll likely want to input personal info, such as your age, height and weight. This helps the bike in calculating how many calories are burned for the workout. You also want to decide the type of workout that you want. Some people prefer going in slow, steady increments, where you bike for 30 to 60 minutes at a manageable pace. But others prefer to do 10-minute quick rides. Whatever your choice, you want to program that into most bikes. You can always change it later.

Getting the Most out of the Bike Ride

Some stationary bikes feature a television-like screen attached just beyond the handle bars. It shows you beautiful scenery, so that you can feel as though you are biking outdoors under ideal circumstances with a gorgeous backdrop. This can be distracting, helping you to pass the exercise time seemingly more quickly, and it can be motivational. The screen can also receive television signals.

You don’t have to have a high-end bike to get those perks. Turn on the television while you are biking. Enjoying your favorite show will make biking seem like a breeze. Challenge yourself to go in faster spurts during the commercial breaks. You can also pop in a DVD.

If watching television isn’t for you, you can sing along while you are biking. If you’re out of breath and cannot sing along, you know that you are pushing yourself a bit too hard. Slow it down. It can make the ride a lot more fun.


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