How to Use Clothing to Give You the Appearance of Slimmer Thighs

While diet and exercise are the best methods to use to obtain slimmer thighs, wearing the right types of clothing can help you conceal their size. Knowing the right types of clothing to wear for your body type is important. You can literally make yourself look pounds lighter just by wearing clothes that are flattering to your figure. If your goal is slimmer thighs, here are some ways to use clothing to give you that appearance.

Trouser Leg Pants are Your New Best Friend

Finding a pair of pants that fits and actually flatters, be it jeans or work pants, is almost as frustrating as finding a flattering swim suit. Going into the shopping process with a general idea of what style will best fit your body will make the process easier. If you’re looking to slenderize your thighs, trouser leg pants are your best bet. They fit tighter around your hips and upper thighs before falling straight down into a wider leg. The result is a pant that doesn’t emphasize your thigh region.

Since darker colors give a slimmer appearance generally, stick to blacks, dark browns and navy blues. You can find jeans that are cut trouser style, and you’ll want to stick with darker washes. The best part of trouser-style jeans is that they can do double duty: they’re generally dressier, so you can wear them casually or out at night.

In general, you’ll want to avoid flare-legged pants. They’ll make your thighs look larger with the narrowing at the knees.

Behold the Dress

Dresses are probably the most forgiving and flattering of all items of clothing. Depending on the style, you can wear one through a five-pound weight change. You can also find styles that make you look slender and svelte even if you don’t feel that way. For slenderizing your thighs, you have several options.

The wrap dress is flattering on virtually every body type. From bold prints to solid colors, you can find these classic dresses in all kinds of styles. Because they wrap at the waist, they emphasize your middle section. They typically have a lower “V” neckline, which further takes the emphasis off of your lower half. The key is to find one that doesn’t cling to your body. A wrap dress that has a fuller skirt will be the most slenderizing to your thighs. In fact, any type of dress with a fuller skirt will be slenderizing. By placing emphasis on your upper body and completely concealing your lower half, you look thinner all over.

Avoid Certain Kinds of Tops

Whatever you do, don’t wear tops where the bottom hemline hits you right at the fullest part of your thighs. Instead, find tops that are slightly shorter or longer. Tunic style tops that hit just below the fullest part of your thighs will be flattering, as will cute blouses that fall right around your hip region.

Allow clothing to work for your body, not against it. By wearing these styles of clothing, you’ll have the appearance of slimmer thighs without any work involved.


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