How to Use an Exercise Band

An exercise band can be used for resistance strength training. While these aren’t as common as lifting weights, they can produce just as positive results. Exercise bands also have many of their own advantages. They are portable and easier to take with you.

Safety First

Before even touching the exercise band, you should understand that it can be dangerous. They are basically large elastic bands which could cause damage if not treated with respect.


There are a number of advantages with resistance bands. They are able to provide a constant amount of tension in different directions. Exercise bands are much lighter, cheaper and easier to pack into a gym bag.

Building Biceps

Exercise bands can be used for arm curls to help build biceps. This is a very easy exercise to do. Stand on the band with one foot and then pull on the handles with both hands in an upwards motion. Once you have mastered this, you can make it more difficult by standing on the band with both feet. Separating your feet will make it more difficult to pull the bands.

Chest Press

The exercise band can also be used to do chest presses. To do this, wrap the band around a sturdy pole. Then keep your arms level and pull away from the pole.

Different Strengths

There are different strengths of resistance bands available. These are normally sold in light, medium and heavy strengths. These are all color coded, which makes it easy to differentiate between the bands.


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