How to Use an Aerobic Step

An aerobic step is a great addition to your home gym. The step has come a long way from its aerobics class days. You can intensify simple moves just by utilizing the step to do them. Aerobic steps are also easy to store and easy to use.

Before Using the Aerobic Step

Use stretching and warm ups, like jumping jacks, to prepare for your workout. This warm up gets your heart rate up and ready to go and also protects your muscles from injury.

Using the Aerobic Step

Place your step on the floor on a flat surface. Make sure you’re wearing socks and proper fitting athletic shoes. Start with a basic step by stepping your left foot onto the top of the step, while your right foot remains on the ground. Step your left foot back to the ground and step your right foot onto the top of the step. Return to your starting position and keep alternating steps. Keep your feet no more than shoulder width apart to avoid twisting your ankle or falling.


Place your left foot on the platform of the step and bend your knee forward into the lunge position. Keep your right leg straight. Return to the start position and place your right foot on the platform and lean forward. Don’t let your bent knee go past your toes.

Using your aerobic step moves your hips lower, contracting and stretching your legs with a greater degree of intensity than with traditional lunges. Use your aerobic step to intensify your workout and build muscle faster to reach your fitness goals.


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