How to Use a Weight Plate

A weight plate is one of the most versatile pieces of strength training equipment available. You can use weight plates for full body training and combine plates with other machines to add difficulty to your routine. Because of their flat disc-like form, weight plates are easy to work with.
Most weight plates are made from iron, though some gyms carry them in plastic form as well. Regardless of the material, the weight is the important aspect to consider.

Boost Your Workout

A couple of examples of how to boost your workout using weight plates is to hold them while performing abdominal moves. Hold the weight plate to your chest while doing simple crunches, and you’ll feel the difference immediately. Use the same technique when doing lunges or squats.

Avoid Injury

Any form of exercise has its risks. The key is to know your own body and limitations. When working with weight plates, make sure you’re only using a weight you can manage. The general rule of thumb with weights is you should be able to do 12 reps and have muscle exhaustion. If you can’t do more than 8, the weight is too heavy. Always talk to your doctor before starting a new workout routine and work with a trainer or the gym staff to put together a strength training routine that fits your needs.
Weights plates are a great way to boost your workout and keep getting results. If you hit a plateau, add weights to boost your burn and metabolism to push through your plateau.

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