How to Use a Weight Bench

A weight bench basically resembles an ordinary bench, except that it is used primarily for strength-training. Weight benches nowadays come in different forms. Some benches are made flat, some are designed to stand upright, and some can be adjusted depending on the exercise that you wish to perform. Here are a few ways that weight benches can be used to perform different exercises:

Jump Ups

The jump up is one of the most common exercises that you can do using a weight bench. To start, stand while facing the side of the weight bench. Jump onto the weight bench and then quickly jump back down on the ground. When doing jump ups on a weight bench, you should focus more on your speed rather than how high you can jump. Keep you weight on your toes in order to maximize your speed. You should feel a burning sensation on your calves. This exercise is great for both calves and hamstrings.

Bench Press

The bench press is another popular exercise done on a weight bench. When lying down on the bench, be sure that your feet are firmly placed on the ground and your buttocks and shoulders are in contact with the bench. Arch your back slightly. When reaching out to grip the bar, your hands should be 10 inches wider than your shoulder width. When lowering the bar, you should stop when your elbows have made a 90-degree angle. Raise and lower the bar in slow steady motions.

Safety Tips

The first safety rule that you should keep in mind is not to buy cheap bench presses. This doesn’t mean that you should buy the most expensive weight bench in the store. However, bench presses that are extremely cheap also tend to be flimsy. No discount is worth it if it means jeopardizing your safety. If you use weights, make sure that you put them away after using them.


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