How to Use a TRX Suspension Trainer

A TRX Suspension Trainer is a hanging mechanism that supports your weight so that you can do bodyweight resistance training exercises. Bodyweight exercise regimens are generally considered to be very safe and have low risk of injury. Additionally, the TRX Suspension Trainer is excellent because of its general portability and ease of use.

Using the Suspension Trainer

The TRX system is designed to be used in virtually any place. The system hangs from the ceiling and requires no previously installed hook or other attachment. You can also purchase a separate system that holds the trainer system up, if you’re working out in an outdoor area or where there is not a proper ceiling to use.

To set up the trainer, simply firmly attach the connector at the ceiling. Hang the trainer system from that connector, and fix your arms or legs in the suspension holders that hang down. You may need to adjust the height of the trainer, depending upon the distance from the ceiling to the floor. You can then begin to do any number of different exercises.

Safety and Injury Prevention

The biggest safety concern with the TRX system is that the system itself be fully attached to the ceiling. Take care to test the system before you place your full bodyweight on it.

When exercising with the TRX Suspension Trainer, make sure not to overextend any of your muscles. Move your body in fixed patterns and be very mindful of your range of motion. Overextension is one of the most common forms of injury with this system, but it’s easily avoidable.


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