How to Use a Treadmill for Interval Training

Using a treadmill for interval training can be a good way to boost your workout and increase weight loss. Interval training is alternating high intensity with a recovery period. There are many ways to set up for interval training. If you have a programmable treadmill, sticking to your interval workout will be easy. You can simply program the treadmill to the desired incline, speed, and the number of minutes, then there is no need to worry about changing settings. If you do not have a programmable treadmill it is still easy to stick to your workout–it just takes a little more planning.

Interval Training Workout I Instructions

This training workout is for the beginner. You want to work your way up to the harder workouts slowly to avoid injury. This workout will take 21 minutes.

  • You will want to start with a warm-up. This will last 5 minutes. Set your speed at 3 MPH with no incline.
  • After your warm up then you will enter into a rest period. This will last 3 minutes. Set your speed at 3.3 MPH with an incline of 1.
  • Then you will start with the first work time. This will be only 1 minute. Set your speed at 3.5 or higher with an incline of 3.
  • Go back to your rest time of 3 minutes and decrease your speed and incline back to 3 MPH and incline of 1.
  • Increase your speed back to 3.5 or higher and your incline of 3 for 1 minute.
  • Go back to your rest period by decreasing your speed and incline again.
  • Finally end with a cool down of 5 minutes. Slowly decrease your speed and incline to lower your heart rate back to a comfortable level to cool down.

Interval Training Workout II Instructions

This is a 20 minute workout.

  • You will want to start off with a 5 minute warm-up. Remember your warm-up is at an easy pace.
  • Start your rest time of 4 minutes. Increase the speed just a little higher than your warm-up and raise your incline at least 1% higher.
  • Next start your work time. This will be 1 minute. Raise your incline up again and increase your speed. During this time it should be difficult for you to talk.
  • After your 1-minute work time start your rest time over and do this for another 4 minutes. Remember to decrease your speed and lower the incline back down.
  • Then after your rest time start your work time over again. This will be 1 minute and remember to increase your speed and raise the incline back up.
  • Start your 5 minute cool down. Using a slow, easy pace letting your heart rate slowly get back to normal.

If you have tried these intervals and do not feel like you are getting the exercise that you want then add a minute or two to each set for a longer workout or increase the speed and incline. Remember to work your way up to the next level to avoid injury.

By using interval training on a treadmill you can add some variety into your everyday workout and boost your weight loss.


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