How to Use A Torso Track

The torso track is a fitness tool that isolates the muscles of the middle, lower and upper abdomen. It’s lightweight, easy to assemble and convenient to store. While the torso track is most useful for toning the muscles of the abdomen, it can also activate the muscles of the shoulders, back and arms. 

History of the Torso Track

The torso track was invented by Dr. Larry Barnett and has been marketed in the United States since the late 1990s. Originally offered on television, it’s now available for sale online as well. It’s intended to isolate the muscles of the abdomen to give its users a flat stomach without the need for traditional crunches and sit ups. The torso track weighs about 13 pounds and it’s made of steel.

Benefits of the Torso Track

The torso track is easy to use. You simply get down on your hands and knees, grasp the handles, and isolate your abs by moving your body back and forth. The torso track has a padded knee cushion for the user’s comfort and offers multiple levels of resistance so that you can keep building muscle as you gain strength. The torso track can tone your abdomen even if you only use it for a few minutes a day.

Most users say that the torso track is an easy and comfortable way to tone the muscles of your abdomen. However, you could pull or strain the muscles in your back if you’re not careful.

Using the Torso Track

Many consider the torso track to be a very difficult abdominal workout, and you should perform your torso track exercises slowly and carefully to minimize the risk of injury to your back.

Follow these steps to use the torso track fitness device:

  1. Put the torso track on the floor and get down on your hands and knees. Rest your knees on the padded cushion and grip the handles of the torso track with both hands.
  2. Contract your abs, as if you were bracing yourself to be punched in the stomach. Remember to keep breathing; you’ll need to coordinate your breath with the movements you’re making on the torso track.
  3. Exhale as you move forward as far as possible. Keep your back straight and strong and your abs contracted. If you go too far forward, you could hurt your back. Your torso should remain parallel to the floor and your abs should remain contracted; your stomach should not drop down.
  4. Contract the muscles of your abdomen to pull yourself back to your starting position. Inhale here. 
  5. Repeat the first four steps through one set of ten repetitions. You may do up to three sets of repetitions as a beginner, but don’t push yourself too far; stop when you feel a burning sensation in your abdominal muscles. Add more sets as you gain strength.

Be very careful when using the torso track. Use slow, controlled, smooth motions and keep your abdomen contracted throughout your torso track workout to protect yourself from neck or back injury. 



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