How to Use a Stability Ball

A stability ball also known as an exercise ball is a tool that may help you stretch and work on your muscle groups and will also improve your overall balance and posture. The stability ball may be used during a workout routine or may also serve as a chair while you work. It’s important to know how to use such a ball, as you can easily get injured.

How to Use a Stability Ball

The stability ball can be used in multiple ways, but typically, you will have to sit on it most of the times. Before you try any types of exercise, you should try maintaining your balance for at least 2 minutes on the ball.

Try to keep your weight centered, which is the key to maintaining your position on the ball. If you feel that the ball is rolling out from underneath your buttocks, you should stand up before you end up falling.

In time, you will get used to sitting on the ball.

Avoid Injuries

Ensure you get a ball that is suitable for your body.

When you use the stability ball during your workout, you will have to make sure you can maintain your balance. Some trainers will recommend that you only perform exercises in the presence of a trainer/ helper until you manage to maintain your balance.

Even if when you use the ball, you will permanently feel as if it’s rolling from underneath you, you should watch out for situations when you don’t feel secure. You should also place a yoga mat around the ball, in case you fall.


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