How to Use a Reebok Core Board

The Reebok Core Board is a specific type of exercise equipment that serves as a platform on which you can perform various standing exercises. The Core Board provides an added balance challenge and allows you to enhance certain exercises as well.

Using a Reebok Core Board

The Core Board is designed to move in different directions with your weight. The board itself will be attached firmly to the ground, but the platform on which you stand and which is a few inches above the ground will tip one way or the other as you shift your weight. Because of the spring system loaded underneath this upper platform, the board will help to push back in the opposite direction of the way that it was pushed down.

Safety Issues

To safely use a Reebok Core Board, it’s a good idea to first practice any exercises that you plan to do on the board on the flat ground first. This will help to ensure that you will not run into problems which may cause you injury or difficulty when you do attempt to use the board. When you first use the board, exercise caution so that you can get a feeling for how the board reacts to your movements. Practice standing on the board and shifting your weight around gradually. When you’re comfortable with the way that the board moves and responds to your own movements, attempt the exercise that you’re hoping to do in a slow, easy manner. This will ensure that you’re able to complete the exercise safely.


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