How to Use a Pec Deck

The pec deck machine focuses on the pectoral muscles of the chest. In addition to being known as a pec deck, this machine is also commonly referred to as a pec machine. Though the pec deck has limited functionality, all related exercises are targeted solely to the chest.

Select Proper Weight

Before beginning your workout with the pec deck, carefully select the appropriate amount of weight. Using the metal selector pin, push it through the weight stack. While you want to be challenged for optimal benefit, be careful not to select a weight that is too heavy to avoid injury.

Correct Position

Once the desired weight has been selected, sit on the seated pad with your feet flat on the ground, spaces hip-width apart. Grasp the handles with either your thumbs pointing upwards or your thumbs facing inwards. Maintain good posture and keep the abdominal muscles pulled in tight.

Proper Method

After you are correctly positioned on the bench, slowly pull the grip handles together, focusing on feeling a “pinch” or squeeze in the chest muscles, or pectorals. Once you feel the pinch, slowly return the arms to their starting position. Exhale when you are working the hardest, which is when you are pulling the weight towards you. Inhale as you release the weight to its starting point. Repeat this exercise 15-20 times.

Safety Precautions

To avoid injury it is important to fully understand how to properly use the pec deck machine. If you have questions, consult a fitness trainer who can show you how to properly use the equipment. Additional tips include:

  • Keep the motions slow and controlled.
  • Do not lift more weight than you are comfortable with.
  • Stop immediately if you notice pain.
  • Too avoid injury, do not use explosive force or thrusting while using the machine.



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