How to Use a Hamstring Curl Machine

The hamstring curl machine focuses on the hamstring muscles, but also helps to tone the legs in general. As you perform the exercise, focus on squeezing the hamstrings tightly for maximum benefit.

Select Proper Weight

Before beginning your workout with the hamstring curl machine, carefully select the appropriate amount of weight. Using the metal selector pin, push it through the weight stack. While you want to be challenged for optimal benefit, be careful not select a weight that is too heavy to avoid injury.

Correct Position

Once the desired weight has been selected, lie down on the padded support face down. Keep your hips against the bench, as the back remains naturally arched. Place your feet under the padded bar, close together. Keep your toes pointed downwards towards the floor. Grip the assist bars with your hands.

Proper Method

After you are correctly positioned in the machine, slowly curl the padded bar upwards, exhaling as you lift the weight to a 90-degree angle.  Focus on squeezing the hamstring muscles as you lift your ankles towards your glutes. Inhale as you slowly lower the weight back down. Repeat this exercise 15-20 times.

Safety Precautions

To avoid injury it is important to fully understand how to properly use the hamstring curl machine. If you have questions, consult a fitness trainer who can show you how to properly use the equipment. Additional tips include:

  • Keep the motions slow and controlled.
  • Do not lift more weight than you are comfortable with.
  • Stop immediately if you notice pain.
  • Do not allow the knees to lock.



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