How to Use a Bosu

A bosu is a helpful exercise tool which can make many different types of exercises more challenging. It’s a great way to build up your sense of balance and to provide a way of intensifying your existing exercise routine in order to keep it fulfilling and interesting.

When you’re planning to use a bosu, it’s important that you maintain all of the proper positioning and form necessary in order to be as safe as possible. Read on for a brief guide to safety issues and correct procedures for a bosu.


In order to be safe on a bosu, it’s advisable that you practice any exercise you’ll do on the bosu without using this piece of equipment first. Make sure that you can successfully execute the procedure while on the ground before you attempt to incorporate in the bosu.

You should also make sure to exercise in a wide open area where there aren’t other items around that you could fall on. For added safety, try laying down pads around the bosu for your comfort and in case you fall.

Correct Form

When standing on the bosu, place your feet about shoulder width apart and parallel to each other. Balance slightly forward on your feet. If you stand on one foot, hold the other one behind you by bending it at the knee and don’t move it as you work out.

While sitting on the bosu, keep both buttocks firmly in place and your weight spread out evenly over the object. It’s generally not advisable to jump onto a bosu unless you are experienced and have ample practice using a bosu previously.


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