How to Use a Barbell

A barbell is one of the essential tools for working out biceps, shoulders and chest. It can also be used in order to intensify workouts. Typical barbells are made of iron; some are made into the shape of a ball, or they are flat like a disc. Both sides are connected with an iron bar.

Gripping the Barbell

Standing 16 inches away from the barbell, spread your feet apart. Your feet should be further apart than the width of your shoulders. Bend your knees and grasp the barbell from underneath with the palms of your hands facing upwards. Place a firm grip on the barbell’s bar. Curve your fingers under the rod and both of your thumbs should be on the top of the barbell.

Use Your Legs to Lift the Barbell

As you begin to raise up your body, lift the barbell up to your waist. Remember to use your legs’ strength to lift. Use your forearm muscles and your biceps to keep your shoulders bent. Try to bend your elbows so the barbell will be up to your chest. In order to lift the barbell you should flex your biceps. Once you have reached your chest, hold that position for at least 3 seconds.

Keep a Straight Back and a Firm grip on the Barbell

Lower the barbell. Straighten your elbows so your hands will slightly touch the sides of your leg. Hold this position for at least 3 seconds. Remember to keep a firm grip on the barbell. You should repeat these steps as necessary.

Your back, torso and legs should be kept straight. When putting the barbell down or picking it up, remember to use your legs to lift it properly. Using your back to lift your barbell might cause a back injury.


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