How to Use a Balance Board

A balance board, also known as a wobble board, is used in physical training to improve balance and stability. It is a round wooden disk with grip support on top and a moveable ball on the bottom. You use a balance board by standing on the flat surface and attempting to balance so that no sides of the flat surface touch the floor.

The balance board improves your core stability and overall balance, leading to increased reaction times and better posture.

Balance Board Instructions

1. Position both feet evenly on the flat surface of the balance board. For beginners, it may help to hold onto the back of a chair or stable surface and then let go. Attempt to hold yourself in place for 2 minutes.

2. Once you have mastered holding yourself in place for 2 minutes, begin shifting your weight from side to side without letting the flat part of the board touch the floor. Anticipate any adjustment needs and always look straight ahead.

3. The next step is to extend your range of motion. Shift from moving side to side, to moving front to back. You can also increase the challenge of the balance board by shifting your weight from heel to toe.

4. Another great way to build core stability is to sit on the balance board. Extend your arms and legs straight out in front of you and hold the position. You can also try balancing on your knees if this position is too advanced.

5. After mastering all positions, you can try balancing with your eyes closed. This is a true challenge to your equilibrium, but will help you learn to brace yourself during intense activities such as rock climbing and weight training.


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