How to Use a Back Extention Rack

As the name suggests, the back extension rack focuses on strengthening the muscles within the lower back as well as the torso muscles. In addition to working these major muscle groups, assisting muscles and support muscles, such as the hamstrings and glutes, will be exercised.  In most gyms and fitness facilities, these machines can be found near the abdominal machines or near the free-weight section.

Select Proper Height

Before beginning your workout with the back extension rack, carefully select the appropriate height setting for your body type. To safely use this machine, you should ensure that the support pads are no higher than your pelvis.

Correct Position

Once the appropriate height has been selected, stand on the rack and place your feet in the provided foot rests. For a simple back extension, you should be looking at the ground. Lean forwards towards the support pads so that you are looking at the floor. To avoid injury it is critical that the back remain straight throughout all repetitions.

Proper Method

After you are correctly positioned on the machine, slowly bend at the hips towards the floor, inhaling as you go downwards. Then, exhale and slowly raise your body upwards, using your back muscles but being careful to keep the back straight. Repeat this exercise 15-20 times. To add more of a challenge, use dumbbells or weighted discs for resistance.

Safety Precautions

To avoid injury it is important to fully understand how to properly use the back extension rack. If you have questions, consult a fitness trainer who can show you how to properly use the equipment. Additional tips include:

  • Keep the motions slow and controlled.
  • Adjust height settings accordingly.
  • Stop immediately if you notice pain.
  • Too avoid injury, do not use explosive force or thrusting while using the machine.



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