How to Tone Your Thighs

Many women find the thigh area one of the most challenging to keep toned and fit, but there are things you can do each day to tone your thighs. The best indicator of success when you start to work on toning your thighs is the way your clothing fits. You can also measure your thighs to keep track of inches lost. Keeping track of your success will help you see the results as well as feel them. It will also be incentive for you to keep up the work and keep your thighs toned and fit.

#1 – Walk, Walk, Walk

Walking may seem like the obvious solution, but it does work and it also does more than just help tone your thighs. Fitting a walk into your schedule each day will help you sleep better at night, promote good circulation, strengthen your vital core and leg muscles, and is great for your emotional health too. You really can’t go wrong with a daily walk, even if you are only able to start with ten minutes and work your way up to thirty or more minutes per day.

#2 – Lunges

Including lunges as part of your workout routine several times per week will produce amazing results. Even starting out with sets of three for each leg and adding more each week will work wonders. Be sure to use the correct form and you can eventually add weights to your routine for quicker results.

#3 – Squats

Another great exercise for keeping your thighs strengthened and toned is squats. Squats can be modified and performed to your ability and are a great all around exercise to include in your fitness routine. Your form is important to get the most benefit, so practice with a chair when you begin if needed. As you gain more strength you can challenge yourself further by adding weights and increasing your reps. Squats are something you can do almost anywhere, too.

#4 – Yoga Poses

There are some yoga poses that work to develop your core strength and tone your legs. Yoga also has a calming effect, so the benefits are many. Yoga works over time and is great to include as a supplement to cardio workouts. Some poses to try are the Downward Facing Dog pose and the Warrior pose.

#5 – Interval Training

One of the best exercise routines to start and maintain is interval training. An example of an interval workout is walking for five minutes then running intensely for one minute and repeating the process throughout your workout time. This will also build up your stamina so you can begin a regular running regime. Running is an effective way to tone your thighs and keep them toned long term.

There are many things you can do throughout your day that won’t take much effort to achieve and maintain a toned look in the thigh area and elsewhere. You can do leg lifts or leg extensions just about anywhere you are. Before beginning any exercise program check with your doctor and check with a trained professional for correct form.


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