How to Tone your Body with Weights

Lifting weights is not just for body builders! By understanding reps, sets and rest, using weights can be a great way to tone your body. Before we go on, we should first understand tone.


The look of one’s muscle and build is where you will find tone. The muscles will be firm and compact, even in a state of relaxation. Loose and fatty muscles are the opposite of toned. Having toned muscles does not mean you have to be bulky. Muscle can be strong, yet lean. If you are looking for tone, then weights are a great way to build a firm body.

Lifting Weights

There are some essentials to lifting weights. For it to work, you must fully understand how to use them and how they can effect your body. Weight lifting can be broken down into three areas: repetitions, sets and rest.


The number of times you perform an exercise motion is a repetition. Better yet, a repetition or reps is when you contract the muscle or work it. Lifting a dumbbell once for a bicep curl is one repetition. 10-15 reps is a good amount to shoot for.


Each exercise you do for a number of repetitions is a set. It is recommended to do 2-3 sets for each exercise. As you advance, you will begin doing multiple sets for each muscle group.


Recovery time and re-energizing is key for muscles to grow stronger. Toning the body will not happen over night, so it is key that you rest each muscle group at least a day between working them out.

How to Tone Your Body

Toning will not involve heavy lifting; rather you want to use light to medium size weight amounts in your workout routine. Creating a toned body requires training the entire body during each session. It is best described as performing a number of different exercises at a decent pace, something like circuit training. Now, let’s get specific about what you need to do.


You want to do at least three sets of a high amount of reps. Going above 10 reps is a good start. Because you will be using lighter to medium-sized weights, it should be easier, however, in order to tone, you must lift the smaller weight an even great number of times. This is where tone separates from bulk. With bulk lifting, you would use heavy weights and lift them a smaller amount of times. Not with tone lifting; this type of weight lifting is about the amount of sets and reps. The more the better.

Rest between exercises

This area is not about the rest between workout days, but it is the rest time between sets and exercises. For toning, you must limit the rest time. Keeping the muscles contracted and in a state of readiness is the proper way to do a toning workout. It is recommended to limit the rest period to 30 seconds between each exercise. So, as you go from bicep curls to triceps lifts, take 30 seconds to drink some water and wipe your face. Tone lifting will take endurance, so be ready for those first sessions.


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