How to Tone Muscles with a Pole Dancing Workout

A pole dancing workout sounds easier than it really is. Pole dancing workouts have become increasingly popular and women everywhere are taking advantage of fitness centers and dance studios that offer classes. Not only do you get a great workout, but you leave feeling sexy and confident.

Though pole dancing offers a whole body workout, your core is where you’ll feel it the most. Your abs, legs and arms are worked out intensely. You can burn anywhere between 250 and 400 calories per class depending on the moves and intensity. Once you know the basics of a pole dancing workout, you can learn more advanced moves which will burn more calories and continue to tone your muscles.


Pole dancing uses your core muscles to help stabilize you while completing the moves. Most pole dancing workouts will combine on and off pole movements. Balance is essential to prevent injury and tone your muscles efficiently. Regardless of the moves you use, your abs will be engaged. Always keep your abs tight in order to maximize your workout.


Since off-pole movements are just as intense as on-pole exercises, your legs will get a great workout. Your lower body is responsible for much of the work when doing a pole dancing routine. When you’re upside down on the pole your inner thighs, calves, glutes and quads are all engaged. Any workout that requires you to be on your toes works your calves. Once you’re accustomed to the moves, many pole dancing instructors will encourage you to throw on a pair of heels for your next workout.


Your upper body and arms are toned throughout the workout because you’ll need to hold yourself up on the pole for long periods of time. Between moves, your arms may get a rest while your lower body is getting the workout, then back to your upper body. This may feel like intervals which help fatigue your muscles more effectively than constant exertion. Your biceps will be worked when pulling yourself toward or up onto the pole. The back of your arms is working when you stabilize yourself on the pole and hold your position.

A pole dancing workout is a great way to tone up, feel sexy and try something new with friends. A lot of small muscle movements can add up to major results. The large movements will work your core and larger muscles to bring a svelte look to your body. Dancers are known to have some of the best toning and slim figures among all fitness industries. Pole dancing uses many of the same concepts of traditional dance and features slow, carefully controlled movements instead of fast paced cardio, to achieve the results you’re looking for.

If you’re interested in taking a pole dancing fitness class, talk with your local fitness center and sign up with a friend. You’ll love the results and your hubby won’t believe how you got them.


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