How to Stop Late Night Food Cravings

We all know what it’s like when food cravings strike. They’re very hard to control, and at times, you’ll get hit with a craving for one specific type of food. These munchie attacks are especially common at night. Curbing your cravings can be very challenging, especially if you’re trying to shed off some pounds. To help prevent you from giving in to them, here are some tips that can help you stop late night food cravings.

Keep Busy

Nighttime cravings usually come because your body is relaxed, and you suddenly start to feel that you can treat yourself after a hard day’s work. You can try to find a nighttime activity that will keep you out of the kitchen, and even out of the house. Try hitting the gym at night, or taking up nighttime yoga. If you’d rather stay at home, have a bonding moment with your family. Gather round the coffee table and pore over a puzzle or pop open that Scrabble box. These activities could prevent you from popping open that bag of chips.

Eat Small, Frequent Meals

Instead of gorging on three big, full meals a day, try breaking it up into five smaller portions. Make sure you don’t skip breakfast, and try to eat every five hours. This type of eating habit will help you keep sugar levels in your blood stable, and you won’t feel the urge to binge before bedtime.

Find Healthy Alternatives

Keep junk food out of the house. If it’s not available, you won’t eat it! Say no to fatty chips and savory foods when you do your grocery shopping. Rather, pick up healthy options for when the munchies strike. Grab low calorie snacks like carrot chips, air popped popcorn or fruit popsicles. Snacking on these won’t be as bad as snacking on chocolate-covered bacon.

Eat Ice or Drink Water

Silly as it may sound, munching on ice cubes can help curb your cravings. This gives the impression that you’re snacking on something, at the same time the water will fill your tummy thus keeping hunger at bay. The best part is, it contains no calories. The same effect can be had by drinking water. You keep your stomach filled without having to gorge on junk food.

Chew Gum

Just like eating ice cubes, chewing gum is another way to keep your cravings at bay. Opt for some sugar-free gum, and pop it in. The chewing motion will trick your body to think you’re snacking, and you won’t feel the need to reach for the fridge.

Have a Dinner Rich in Fiber

Eating a fiber-rich dinner will help make you feel full longer. It’s definitely a healthier option, and it also aids in keeping your sugar level more stable for a longer period of time. So whip up some wheat pasta, serve some beans, and have an extra helping of whole-grain bread. Drink plenty of water in between, and chances are you won’t feel any hunger pangs anymore.


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