How to Stop Drinking Soda

If you consume more than five cans or bottles of soda a day, then it is high time to stop drinking soda. Excessive drinking of soda can be detrimental to your health both physically and emotionally, and while it gives you that ultimate energy boost for a few moments, you will later on end up feeling lethargic. Learning how to stop drinking soda is a great way to start your path toward overall well-being.

Cutting Back on Soda

You can learn how to stop drinking soda day by day. Because soda is actually an alternative to natural liquids such as water, experts recommend the slow reduction in the amount of soda consumed in a day and the gradual increase in the intake of water, fruit juices and milk. If you dislike the bland taste of water, you can add mint, honey or lemon to encourage drinking. If you can’t resist the fizz, drink carbonated water, although it is still best to stick to the basics. Green or black tea is also a flavorful option. There are also flavored teas available on the market, so you can select blends with fruity or minty tastes. Fresh fruit juices are great too, but be aware that some bottled or canned fruit juices contain sugar. Decaffeinated coffee can also be an alternative.

The perfect way of coping with learning how to stop drinking soda is to have a support group ready. Ask your family members and friends to help you with handling this habit, so you can ultimately stop drinking soda for the rest of your life. If someone offers you soda pop or nothing else is available but cola, learn to refuse. Stop drinking soda today, and in due time, your body and mind will learn how to live without it.

Why You Should Stop Drinking Soda

You do not need soda in your diet. Soda pop has either very little or totally zero nutrients. Its main attraction is that it quenches thirst. You need an average of 8 hours of sleep each night to fully rejuvenate, but since cola has caffeine, drinking it will not allow you to sleep decently. Lack of sleep can lead to dizzy spells and headaches, which may also lead to mental deterioration.

Drinking too much soda can lead to immense weight gain. Consuming five cans of soda is equal to taking in 800 unnecessary calories. If you do not stop drinking soda, you will add on extra weight that can put you at risk of diabetes.

Each time you buy soda, you incur additional expenses that you should otherwise be spending on something else that is more important. If you are determined to stop drinking soda, try drinking sparkling water instead, which could be less expensive and has better nutritional value. Drinking soda is like paying for all the side effects that come with it.

Sugar from soda can cause tooth decay. Drinking soda can also discolor and ruin your teeth. Teeth stains from soda are hard to remove.


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