How to Speed Up Metabolism by Eating Right

Metabolism: it’s the process by which your body turns fuel into energy, and it’s happening all the time, day in and day out. Since it’s also the process that burns fat, you may be wondering how to speed up metabolism. Don’t fall for the hype that there’s a secret formula for increasing your metabolism, instead, learn the facts about eating right. What are some realistic tips for speeding up your metabolism?

Eat Breakfast

Eating breakfast is the best way to rev your metabolism up for the day. Just as you turn on the computer, you must “turn on” your body. Eating something gives your body the message that it needs to gear up for the day and begin burning energy. Besides speeding up your metabolism from its nighttime resting rate, eating breakfast also clues in your body that food is coming. Without breakfast, your body tends to go into a “starvation mode” and conserves calories rather than burning them. A study in the American Journal of Epidemiology found that breakfast skippers were 4.5 times more likely to become obese than breakfast eaters.

Your key to a metolism-speeding breakfast? Eat something with whole grains, such as a whole grain type cereal (bran flakes, oatmeal) or toast. Whole grains are “good carbs” which burn slowly in your metabolic system, giving you long-lasting energy and not causing your blood pressure to spike.

Eating doughnuts or sugary granola bars for breakfast will still speed up your metabolism, but the excess calories they produce will take longer to burn.

Stay Hydrated

You’ve likely heard it before, but it’s because it’s true: you need to drink sufficient amounts of water each day to stay hydrated. A well-hydrated body burns calories faster than a dehydrated one, so drink up. An additional benefit to drinking water is that it’s calorie-free, and it tends to suppress your appetite as well. University of Colorado researchers found that volunteers drinking 8-12 glasses of water daily had higher metabolic rates than those who drank 4 glasses daily.

Try drinking cold water as well; your body expends more energy heating the cold water to your body’s core temperature. The metabolic difference doesn’t amount to a lot, but over the course of several weeks, the small change can add up.

Choose Protein for Lunch

Lean proteins are excellent lunch choices when you’re trying to speed your metabolism. They provide you with the energy you need to build muscle, and muscle burns more calories than fat. Good choices include peanut butter (in moderation!), grilled chicken and fish.

Drink Green Tea

Billed as “the closest thing to a metabolism potion” by Tammy Shames, author of “Fire Up Your Metabolism,” green tea has many qualities that make it worth trying out. Studies have shown that green tea has benefits in fighting cancer and dementia, as well as in weight loss and lowering of LDL (“bad cholesterol”) levels. Try incorporating some green tea into your day.

Making these simple lifestyle changes can lead to a quicker metabolism and a slimmer you. Why not try one or more today?


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