How to Slim your Appearance with a Haircut

How can a haircut slim your appearance? Well, let’s assume you’re focused on getting yourself into shape and you are watching what you eat, cutting out those carbs and exercising daily. What can you do now to give yourself the appearance of being thinner? One of the most important places to start is at the top, with your haircut. The right or wrong cut can make you look thinner or rounder than you want.

Fool the Eye

Top hair designers tell us that the right haircut can fool the eye into giving the wearer the impression of being thinner than she actually is. It’s all about working with the shape of your face and making sure your haircut doesn’t make your face look wider or rounder–but thinner. One important factor in this is layering to create this effect. There are also very specific hairstyles to avoid, such as bobs and short cuts if you have a round face. Think length and layers to give the face a slimmer look.

Also, another trick is to keep the hair smoother and closer to the head. This will eliminate making your head look bigger, and at the same time create a thinner overall look to the face. Adding a small amount of height to the top of your head will create a thinner look as well by negating the width of a rounder face. This does not mean teasing out a poof on the top of your head. Teasing and back combing are to be avoided.

Say NO to Bangs

If you have a rounder face then you really want to avoid bangs. They basically reduce the length of your face and create a boxier or wider appearance. Only if you have a long face with a high forehead are bangs really an option. A little bit of a strategically placed bang on your head can work, but you should consult with your stylist before making any decisions.

Coloring Yourself Thin?

Yes, the right color can make all the difference in the world! Solid colors with no highlights or depth can lead to a flat and unflattering appearance. Using highlights as well as color in the right places can create contrasts which are always slimming and flattering to a rounder face.

What Products Should You Use?

Using the right hair care products is just as important as the cut and color of your hair. Shampoo that boosts volume may not be the best choice if you want to keep your hair slimmed and close to your head. It’s best to use different products to apply volume where needed, and always remember to add shine to the hair.

In the end, get with your personal stylist to determine what cut is right for you and your lifestyle. There is no one specific cut that works for everyone, but rest assured that there is one out there for you. All you need to do is look for it.


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