How to Satisfying Chocolate Cravings when Dieting

Don’t let an attack of chocolate cravings lead you astray! You’ve been good all day, and if you give into your craving and indulge in that large brownie for dessert, you’ll add back the calories to your daily count that you worked so hard to eliminate. Fight the urge! Instead, find a way to satisfy your cravings without overloading your body with unnecessary calories. When you exercise willpower and tame those unruly cravings, you’ll experience weight loss success. And, you can do this without completely depriving your taste buds. Here are some tricks to kick those cravings to the curb next time they kick in.

Give In

The ultimate way to satisfy a chocolate craving is to simply give in and…eat chocolate! Please note that there is a big difference between giving in and caving in. Giving in means to eat just enough to put that pesky craving to rest, but not so much it will interfere with your diet efforts. Keep a bag of mini chocolate candies on hand, and have one (emphasis on ONE) for dessert. Make sure you choose the dark chocolate variety, as this is the type of chocolate that contains antioxidants and less fat. (Yes, dark chocolate consumed in moderation is actually healthy.)

Some companies even make sugar-free mini chocolate bars, making them even more diet friendly. Another option is to indulge in one chocolate covered strawberry or munch on a few chocolate-covered almonds.  Remember, a little bit of chocolate goes a long way…for both your cravings and your health!

Chew on Gum

Sometimes if you’re really yearning for something sweet, chewing on a piece of gum will do the trick. A flavorful stick of gum has the power to calm a dessert craving for only a few calories. Be sure to choose sugar-free gum, and pick a flavor that will please your palate.

Drink Hot Cocoa

Hot cocoa is the perfect after-dinner drink to satisfy a chocolate craving without sabotaging your diet. Make sure the cocoa powder is made from dark chocolate and that there isn’t excess sugar in your steaming cup of hot cocoa. Drink it slowly and enjoy ever sip.

Cocoa in Your Coffee

Put your chocolate cravings to rest early in the morning by sprinkling some cocoa power in your cup of coffee. Be wary when ordering a chocolate-flavored coffee or mocha latte from a coffee shop, as these syrups are usually laden with sugar. Instead, ask if they have a sugar-free chocolate flavoring, to ensure your morning coffee is both satisfying and guilt free. You can even purchase sugar-free chocolate syrup and make your own fat-free lattes at home.

Keep Busy

Sometimes the only way to avoid giving into cravings is to simply keep busy. When you’re bored, you’re more likely to think about food and engage in mindless eating. When your next craving strikes, get outside and go for a walk or participate in another activity you enjoy. And, when you absolutely must have some chocolate, consume a small amount of dark chocolate in moderation, and enjoy every tiny bite (or sip).


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