How to Safely Transition to the Raw Food Detox Diet

Eating a diet in its natural form is called the raw food detox diet. Foods that are not heated above 116 degrees are considered to be raw as well. This includes vegetables, raw fish, meats, nuts, seeds and grains. This concept is not new. In fact, it has been around for over 50 years. Because of the rise in health problems, people are beginning to revisit the raw food concept as an alternative to conventional medicines. The conventional medicine is there to alleviate the symptom, but not necessarily the problem, some feel. With the raw food diet, it can’t help but cure these health problems because the very thing that is causing them–processed foods–is removed. 

Going “Cold Turkey” 

This may work for some, but for most going into the raw food detox diet “cold turkey” is not the best route to take. Not many people can continue this sharp approach to changing any habit, and that includes eating raw. When the body is forced into this change, it will retaliate in such a way that will make you wish you had not pushed it. It is recommended to take a much slower and gentler approach to the raw diet in order to feel and see lasting results. Think of it this way, it took time for your body to learn the eating habits it presently has, and it will put up a fight if you take it away. But, when you give it gentle additions of raw foods, it begins to build a taste again for these foods. 

Replace Processed Foods Gradually

The best way to introduce your body to your new raw way of life is to replace the processed foods gradually. This could mean adding more organic veggies to your meals, or one day out of the week eat only a vegetable raw diet. The slow process of replacing the processed foods will wean the body of the foods that it is used to, and thus will not fight so much to keep.

Replace salty chips with trail mix or raw almonds to fight the snack cravings as another way to take small steps to becoming raw. Consider making your own trail mix to ensure the ingredients are organic and free of sugar. All you need is a zip-lock bag full of raw almonds or other inviting nuts, different kinds of dried fruits, and you can even add raisins and dates. All of these ingrediants can be purchased fresh at your local health food store or local farmers market.

If you are an avid fan of eating cooked vegetables, then consider steaming them in a double broiler instead of removing the life out of them in boiling water. As you gradually begin to like the taste of the steamed vegetables, cut back on how long they are steamed until you can tolerate them completely raw.


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