How to Safely Take Diet Supplements when Suffering from Chronic Pain

Many people choose to use diet supplements for a variety of different reasons–but if you suffer from chronic pain, finding the right supplement to suit your needs can be very difficult and frustrating. Find out how to safely choose a diet supplement. Make sure to read it carefully before heading to the drugstore!

Choose a Diet Supplement

Before you begin taking a diet supplement, you must find one that suits both your diet needs and health concerns. Start by evaluating your current nutritional status. Why are you considering taking a diet supplement? Do you want to lose weight? Or are you concerned about the quality of your diet. For example, do you believe that you are not getting enough calcium, protein, or other nutrient in your diet through your regular food choices? There are a variety of different diet supplements on the market, and determining your need will help you to narrow the list.

Research the Diet Supplement

Once you have the supplements narrowed down to a few select products, you should begin to research them to determine if their claims are actually based on fact. Most supplements are not regulated by the USDA or FDA, and therefore can make whatever claim they like without actually having to back it up. However, you can typically find quite a bit of research about a diet supplement by contacting the Better Business Bureau, or by simply researching the product on the Internet. It is important to find out not only if the claims of the diet supplement are based on fact, but whether or not the supplement contains products that may be detrimental to your health. In the past few years, many diet supplements have been found to contribute to serious health problems.

Contact Your Doctor

Up to this point, this article could have been used by anyone interested in choosing a diet supplement, but now we get to the part that targets those suffering from chronic pain. If you are one of the people who suffer from pain on a daily basis, it is essential that you consult with your doctor before choosing a diet supplement. This is important for a variety of reasons. First, your doctor may be able to prescribe a diet supplement that has been researched and used for people suffering from chronic pain, and therefore has been found to be effective. Secondly, your doctor may be able to talk to you more about the risks or benefits of taking a certain diet supplement. For example, some supplements contain properties that interfere with the effects of specific medications, making them nearly completely ineffective. Finally, your doctor may be able to suggest natural remedies to produce the same result that you are seeking with a diet supplement in a natural way. Be sure to consult with a health care provider before starting any new medication, prescription or not, for best health results!


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