How to Safely Exercise with Autoimmune Disease

Autoimmune disease is a potentially dangerous and even fatal condition in which the body’s immune system fails to recognize healthy body systems and begins to attack them. This can happen for any number of reasons, though it’s believed that there are genetic links to autoimmune disease and that there may be some ties to overall fitness and immune system health.

Unfortunately, people with autoimmune disease have a very difficult time exercising. As the body exercises, it puts a lot of systems in temporary positions of stress. This leaves them vulnerable to attack or undermining by the immune system. Additionally, as you exercise your body will create different sets of hormones and other chemicals that can help to trigger immune system responses as well, particularly in certain people and for particular cases. Read on for a bit of information about how to best exercise if you have autoimmune disease. But realize too that it’s vitally important that you work closely with your doctor if you have this condition.

Moderate Immune System Function

One of the ways to treat or manage autoimmune disease so that you can exercise safely is both a benefit and a risk: by limiting the function of the immune system. By doing this you disable it from attacking the other systems in your body. However, this is a two-sided coin, as the immune system will also be similarly disabled when it comes to doing its typical job of preventing diseases from entering into your system. Many doctors will prescribe medications that have immune system disabling or limiting functions and then closely monitor their patients to make sure that there are no adverse effects and that the benefits do, in fact, outweigh the potential risks.

Prepare for Exercise

There are certain supplements and medicines that you can take just prior to or immediately after you exercise which will neutralize the immune system’s response to the chemicals that have built up in your system. This is a safe way to accomplish your exercise without worrying about your bodily response to the autoimmune disease that you live with. Doctors can recommend particular medicines for you based upon the specifics of your condition.

Avoid Certain Types of Exercise

Certain types of exercise that result in the production of particular chemicals will oftentimes lead to added danger in patients with autoimmune disease. Consult with your doctor about appropriate exercise regimens for you, and always be careful to act within the framework of a safe exercise program if you have this condition.

Autoimmune disease is a potentially very serious and even life threatening condition which may require that you make drastic changes to your lifestyle and behaviors, including your exercise routine. Work with a doctor before you establish any exercise routine while suffering from autoimmune disease, and be sure to inform your doctor as to whether you have any changes to your condition in the interim.


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