How to Retain Your Body's Natural Collagen

Natural collagen is what keeps you looking young. Retaining your body’s collagen can be accomplished through keeping the body healthy and fit. Physical activity, good nutrition, adequate hydration, meditation, pure air and good sun protection all work together to help you retain collagen and avoid rapid aging.

Sun Exposure

One of the most common pieces of advice related to natural collagen retention is the avoidance of harmful sun exposure. Ultraviolet rays of the sun can damage natural collagen. Wearing sunscreen and avoiding prolonged sun contact are critical for keeping the skin looking young.

Increased Oxygen

Oxygen, as most people know, is an essential nutrient. It is more fundamental than any other nutrient, more so than vitamins and minerals. While many people understand that they need oxygen to survive, many do not often think about what happens to cells and tissues when they undergo oxygen starvation. Oxygen is needed to prevent premature aging.

Much of the oxygen inhaled is used up by the brain, heart and liver. Oxygen also helps to purify the body, eliminate wastes, and destroys various germs and viruses. Given the role of oxygen in collagen retention, aging prevention and various bodily functions, it’s important to incorporate daily practices that continually fuel the body with oxygen.

Physical Exercise

Physical exercise, yoga, breathing exercises and visualization practices are all known to increase oxygen and circulate it throughout the body. It is not uncommon to see older yogis or athletes who look very youthful for their age. This is a direct result of many years of regular exercise and physical activity.

Avoiding Pollution

Living in polluted and highly populated areas decreases access to oxygen. Purer air has greater oxygen content than city air, for example. If you live in a highly polluted area, maybe take regular trips to places with more trees and cleaner air.

Dietary Changes

Dietary patterns also contribute to the presence of oxygen in the body. To retain natural collagen, avoid overeating and consuming too many animal products. Fresh, raw and lightly cooked vegetables and fruit, and herbs such as garlic and ginseng help to increase oxygen levels.

Drinking enough water is also essential to retaining natural collagen and avoiding premature aging. The body is largely made up of water, and oxygen makes up nearly ninety percent of the weight of water. By drinking water, you help to oxygenate your entire body.

Special Considerations

Generally speaking, certain people need higher levels of oxygen. Those who are overweight or who suffer from fatigue, heart disease, skin conditions or viral or infectious diseases need more oxygen. For these individuals, a greater level of effort is needed to increase oxygen and retain natural collagen.

In conclusion, retaining your body’s natural collagen requires a general commitment to overall health. Eating habits, drinking water, exercise regimens, relaxation techniques, taking trips away from the pollution of the city and applying sun protection all work together to prevent your body from breaking down natural collagen at too fast a pace.


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