How to Relax Your Diet while Maintaining Weight Loss

Losing weight is an amazing feat! Now, maintaining weight is your new challenge. The good news is that you have probably adapted some new healthy lifestyle changes that will make maintaining your new weight easier. Hang on to some of those practices, but relax a bit–you can still maintain your weight while you go easier on your diet.

Make Your Diet Tricks Habits

All those healthy habits that successful dieters use are still your friend when you are maintaining your weight. Fill up with veggies and fruits at every meal, and watch portions of other foods. Steer clear of unhealthy choices, replacing them with foods that satisfy your cravings, but don’t pack on the pounds. At this point, you can indulge in a treat here and there, just don’t make it everyday. If you love sweets, try a handful of a fiber packed whole grain cereal that is sweetened, or do a little baking yourself, replacing fats with applesauce for a lower calorie option.

Start Your Day off Right

Breakfast is the key to keeping the weight off as well.  Your metabolism slows at night due to your body’s circadian rhythm, so it needs food to rev it back up. Grab something low in sugar, but high in protein and fiber to keep you full until your mid-morning snack. Try an egg white omelet, oatmeal with cinnamon and fruit, or yogurt with fruit and high fiber cereal on top.

Get Moving

Studies show that people who have lost significant amounts of weight only keep it off if they make exercise part of their routine. Shoot for at least 30 minutes on most days (at least 4 a week) and be sure to incorporate intense cardio intervals and strength training in the routine.


Adding intervals to your workout will make the most out of your cardio routine and get you in and out of the gym in record time. When you are completing your chosen cardio workout, add 30 second sprints and 90 second recoveries to your routine. The sprint intervals can be in the form of quicker steps, runs during your walk, incline increases or actually sprinting during your jog. Most cardio-based classes incorporate intervals into the class, and are therefore built into the routine.

Strength for a Faster Metabolism

While weight training burns fewer calories than cardio activity, increasing your lean muscle mass will benefit your resting metabolism, therefore burning more calories throughout the day. Try working faster as you complete your weight training, and you’ll keep your heartrate up, burning more during your weight session. Work two different body parts in rapid succession and you’ll blow through your gym session, too. Complete a lower body set, then switch immediately to an upper body set with no rest in between. After 3 sets of each exercise, incorporate a minute of cardio exercise to really keep your heart pumping.

Be aware of how many calories you need to consume and burn each day and do your best to stay within that range. You don’t need to keep track of every calorie, but be aware of what you are eating to keep your count within range.


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