How to Reduce Stress by Drinking Less Caffeine

There are many ways to reduce stress, but not all work. Sometimes stress is related to an outside factor that is beyond our control. However, sometimes the outside factor can be controlled.

Caffeine and Stress

One outside factor that can cause stress is caffeine. By being a stimulant of both the brain and body, many of us look to that daily coffee or soda as a way to boost our performance. However, not all of us drink caffeine in small amounts. The larger the intake of caffeine, the more likely it may influence our stress level. You may have noticed this, but might not be able to pinpoint ways to reduce your caffeine intake so you can reduce stress.

The following is a process that will help you drink less caffeine in order to reduce stress:

Lower the Dosage

The first step in the process in drinking less caffeine is to basically cut down your intake (easier said then done). But, this is what it will take at first. Caffeine is everywhere as a reminder of its quick fix capabilities, but it has side effects harmful to some. So, consider your stress level as you reach for that caffeine drink. Control and will power will play a big part in reducing your intake and, therefore, your stress.


As you take that first step, consider substituting that extra coffee or soda with something else. Initially, you may need a little caffeine to fend off a complete withdrawal. So a tea drink, such as a green tea, can act as a great replacement. One bonus of a substitute drink is that it can still give you that secure feeling of having something to hold and drink, while giving you an energy boost.

Exercise More

In general, it is advised that exercise is the best way to relieve stress. This is true, but it can also act as an energy booster. The more exercise you do, the more your body will begin to naturally boost its energy. This energy can replace the temporary stimulant boost your body needs from caffeine. The more you sweat, the less caffeine you will need. So, as you go through the process of reducing your caffeine intake, try mixing in more trips to the gym.

Mind Games

This is where willpower will come into play. The first two weeks of drinking less caffeine will be difficult, especially as you walk into the gas station and smell that freshly brewed coffee or see that energy drink. You may be tired and desire a quick pick-me-up, but just remember the aggravating stress that results from too much drinking. Your brain will have to overcome those desires for the process to succeed.

Long Term

The process can be somewhat annoying in the beginning, even painful for some through the potential withdrawal headaches. However, as you go through the weening off of caffeine phase and employ some of the replacement techniques, you should notice your stress level decrease. In addition, this process will play a positive role in your long-term healthy lifestyle.


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