How to Promote Family Fitness with Summer Sports

There are many ways in which a family can stay healthy and active during the hot summer months, such as through participating in summer sports. Summer is a time when school is not in session, and families have more time to spend together. Playing sports during the summer months can help a family bond and release some stress at the same time. Below are some ideas for ensuring that the summer months are fun-filled and active.


After Dinner Yard Games

Long summer days are perfect for after-dinner games because the daylight usually extends past dinner time. So, take full advantage by getting out of the house as a family after eating dinner, and play a game in the yard or driveway. Kickball, soccer and baseball are all great games to play in the yard with very little equipment. Designate two trees as the sides to a soccer goal, or use a newspaper for the bases for kickball. If you have a basketball and hoop, start up a game following dinner. Take advantage of the longer daylight hours!


Hike or Bike to a New Place

Research hiking or biking trails in your area to see if there are any unique areas to explore. If you do not own bikes, many cities and towns have bike rental shops where you can borrow a bike for a day or two to explore the area. Pack a backpack picnic and hike into the woods or to a waterfall, and stop to enjoy your meal (and nature) as a family. Don’t forget the camera to capture some memories along the way!

Invite along Other Families

Sometimes games or activities are more fun when you have more people participating outside your immediate family. Plan a Saturday picnic at a city park with other families who have children around the same age. After the picnic, divide up the families and engage in a game of volleyball, soccer, kickball or other sports. Take a “the more the merrier” approach to add to the fun.


Join a Swim Team

Does your community have a pool that you can enjoy? Children love to play in a pool, so why not take advantage of that and enroll them in a swim team? Swim teams allow children to engage in friendly competition, while staying active. Parents can also enjoy the Saturday swim meets with other families. Plus, swimming is a great way to beat the heat.

As you can see, there are many ways to beat the heat this summer and stay active as a family. The main thing is to do things together, as a family, so that everyone shares in the health benefits of an active lifestyle.


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