How to Prevent Weight Loss from Depression

Depression is a condition that millions of us all around the world suffer from at some point in our lives. It is a chemical imbalance in the brain, causing mood swings, feelings of despair and sadness, suicidal thoughts, loss or gain of appetite, along with many more various side affects.

Depression can strike anyone at any point of our lives. It can be passed down through parent to child through genes or learned behaviour, but many times it is because of an event or series of events such as a death or serious injury. In addition to this, addiction to alcohol or drugs can play a part, as can a breakup with a loved one, a long term illness (either yourself or a family member), stress from work or classes, or abuse can all trigger depression.

One of the side effects of depression is weight loss. When you get depressed you may find that your appetite has decreased to the point that you find the weight just falling off you. However, losing weight through depression is just as unhealthy as it is by gaining it through comfort eating.

Anti-Depressive Medication

Preventing weight loss from depression can be done through anti-depression medication. Depending on the severity of the depression you have, you can be prescribed a certain amount of tablets to be taken over a period of time. The dosage will vary from person to person and since depression is a chemical imbalance in the brain, anti-depression medication will help to restore this imbalance. As a result, your appetite should increase or stay on course, thus preventing weight loss.

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is a vital element in keeping our bodies fit and healthy. When we sleep our bodies repair and refresh itself. We gain energy through consuming food and drink throughout the day and it is this energy that is used to restore the body when we sleep. After a good night’s sleep, you should feel refreshed and notice your appetite increasing. Keep on getting regular amounts of sleep (generally seven to eight hours a night) and your appetite should increase, thus preventing weight loss.

Avoid Certain Things

Depression can cause an increase of certain addictions, such as alcohol, drugs and comfort food. This is because when you feel depressed, you are searching for a way to feel better, to temporarily get away from the feelings of sadness and self-loathing and these items can do this. However, consuming alcohol and drugs can seriously wreck your body, cause nausea and produce a low appetite. Avoid these kinds of products and your appetite should remain healthy and will prevent weight loss.

Exercise Regularly:

When you get depressed you may not wish to get out or socialize; instead, you want to curl up in bed, draw the curtains and ignore the world. However, scientific research has show that those who regularly exercise whilst suffering from depression can help you keep healthy and beat the condition. Regular exercise will get your body producing energy which, in turn, will require you to replenish it with food.


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