How to Prevent Weight Loss after Unemployment

Unemployment brings about a vast number of difficulties, including loss of financial stability and loss of emotional security. In times of economical troubles and job loss, health problems are becoming big issues. Thinking about losing your job, unpaid bills and feeding your family affects you more than you know. This can lead to stress and the feeling of not wanting to eat. Buying food may be a problem as well. Although it’s a difficult thing to deal with, learning how to handle the problems associated with unemployment helps keep you from losing too much weight. Here are ways you can get through unemployment and prevent weight loss.

Find Deals

After a job loss there may not be enough money to pay bills and buy proper groceries. A good way to avoid sacrificing your diet is to buy cheaper foods. Shop for less-costly meals, such as canned vegetables instead of fresh produce to stretch your money. Also go to a farmer’s market for produce. Many markets sell high-quality vegetables and fruits for less than the price of some canned foods.

Meats are more expensive in many of the big grocery chains, but finding fresh meat on sale is a good bargain. There are bulk bags of frozen chicken at reasonable prices in many grocery stores. A good number of grocers sell large bags of wings, breast and leg quarters for less. Also check out neighborhood butcher shops and warehouse grocery stores. They often have great deals on everything from eggs to produce.

Also consider buying generic or store brands. These are cheaper than name brand food items, but you don’t have to sacrifice nutrition.

Socialize with Others and Beat Depression

Socializing with family during hard times is great for maintaining a healthy weight. Most families help out with meals by cooking or making potluck dinners. Not only are you staying healthy, but your stress levels can be lowered with loved ones around. Being around others during unemployment also encourages a proper diet. You may not want to eat due to depression, but with kind words and encouragement, it’s difficult to say no.

Get Counseling

Seeking counseling is another way to get through unemployment. Speak with someone at your local social services center about finding support groups. Counseling helps you deal with difficult situations by getting you the advice and support you need.

Make Time to Eat

Job hunting requires a great deal of time each day. You can easily forget to eat breakfast or lunch. Before hitting the pavement or opening up your laptop, have a bite to eat. A bowl of cereal or piece of fruit gives you the energy to face a day of job hunting. This also helps prevent weight loss and bad health. Also take a snack with you while you’re going on interviews or visiting a job placement service. Losing too much weight affects landing a job just as much as gaining too much.

Use the resources available to you and prevent weight loss. With support and encouragement, you can get back on your feet.



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