How to Prevent Weight Gain after Unemployment

If you are currently facing unemployment then you are probably facing other troubles, such as low self-esteem and stress about your financial status. As if these problems weren’t enough, your lack of employment also increases your risk of weight gain. Here are some things that you can do to prevent weight gain after losing your job.

1. Deal With Your Negative Emotions

When you have just been laid off from your job and you don’t see any career prospects in the near future, it’s very easy to feel negative emotions such as anger, self-pity or depression. These emotions can easily get the best of you and rob you of your motivation to do even the simplest things such as getting out of the house. Needless to say, you also tend to lose your will to exercise and take care of your health. As a way to cope with the stress, you may also have the tendency to turn to certain comfort foods that make you feel temporarily better, such as cakes, ice cream, candy bars and other junk food.

If you want to prevent weight gain, you need to address your negative emotions first. Understand that it’s quite normal to feel stressed out when you are unemployed, but that your current status is just temporary. Learn other ways to cope with your stress, such as meditating or taking up a hobby.

2. Use Your Free Time For Physical Activity

Being employed also brings about a lack of structured daily activity to your life. When you suddenly find yourself without employment, you also find yourself facing a lot of free time. To fill this time, you might choose to surf the Internet, stay in bed or watch television all day. Obviously, these sedentary activities can lead you to easily gain weight. Instead of letting yourself lie around your house in your pajamas all day, take this free time as an opportunity to do things that you’ve always wanted to do but never had the time for–whether it’s going hiking in the woods or taking a dance class.

Since your schedule is now mostly vacant, you also have no more excuse not to exercise. If you had to cancel your gym subscription because of financial restrictions, there are other ways to work out that won’t cost you a dollar. Put on your running shoes and go jogging in the park. Or take your old bike and cycle around the neighborhood. Not only will daily exercise help you keep the pounds off, but it will also improve your mood drastically.

3. Cook Healthy Meals at Home

Instead of trying to save money by buying unhealthy processed foods, try to conserve money and boost your health at the same time by learning how to cook healthy meals at home. Invest in fresh foods like fruits and vegetables and learn new healthy recipes. Try shopping at your local farmers’ market or anyplace where you can take advantage of affordable prices.



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