How to Prevent Weight Gain after Getting Divorced

If you have recently been divorced, then you’re sure to be experiencing a variety of emotions that range from depression to anger to possibly even guilt. Going through a divorce can be one of the most painful experiences in life and being that the divorce rate is approximately 50 percent, it’s also something that is sadly, quite common. The separation between two people can have a profound impact on both individuals. 

One problem that both men and women face following divorce is weight gain. Depressed feelings can trigger emotional eating, which can lead to overeating and therefore weight gain. Here are a few ways you can prevent weight gain after getting divorced.

Exercise on a Regular Basis

You don’t need a lot of exercise in order to improve your mental and physical health, but you do need to make it a part of your lifestyle to get the results you want from it. Exercise will help you burn calories and it’s also a really good way to deal with stress. Being divorced or going through a divorce can cause a great deal of stress on the body. Regular exercise can actually lessen the amount of stress you have and help you to deal with your situation in a healthier way.

Eat Healthy Foods

With obesity rates being at their highest levels to date, eating healthier has never been more important. Think of food as fuel for your body. Without fuel your body is going to feel tired and bogged down, and won’t function at its best. Foods containing high amounts of fat and sugar really aren’t fuel for your body; they’re filled with empty calories that simply promote weight gain and extra fat. Try to fill your daily diet with fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, healthy fats, nuts, beans and whole grains, and keep your body hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the day.

Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol is a depressant and it’s also filled with empty calories. Another downside to drinking alcohol is that it tends to bring out cravings for salty foods and other types of food seriously lacking any nutritional value. If you cut alcohol out of your diet you can save hundreds of calories, and that isn’t even counting the calories contained in the junk foods that you crave while drinking alcohol.

Don’t Isolate Yourself

After being divorced you’ll probably want to spend some time alone. Some time alone is perfectly okay, but be sure that you don’t forget about your friends and family. Make it a point to spend time with those who support you so you don’t begin to feel isolated. That could easily lead you into a deeper depression.

Find a Hobby

Think about things that you enjoy doing and do them. Do you like to read or do crossword puzzles? Or perhaps you enjoy baths or watching movies. Take time out for yourself doing things that you enjoy.

Being divorced doesn’t mean that you need to give up or let yourself go. Eating healthy, exercising regularly, avoiding alcohol and spending time with friends can help you prevent weight gain after divorce.


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