How to Prevent Overeating When Drinking Alcohol

Consuming alcohol can derail your diet in more ways than one. If consuming excessive empty calories through fruity mixed drinks and heavy beer doesn’t get you, then the snacking surely could. The worst foods for us always seem to sound better when we’re a few drinks in. Who hasn’t done a late-night run for pizza or cheeseburger after a night of drinking? It’s also easy to overeat when you’re at a social occasion where food and alcohol is involved. If you’re trying to remain sober, you’re likely to eat more food to help absorb the alcohol. Here are some ways to prevent overeating when drinking alcohol.

Be Smart: Eat before You Drink

If you know you’re going to a place where you’ll potentially be consuming a fair amount of alcohol, be sure to eat something of substance before you go. In this case, a small salad and a piece of fruit won’t cut it. You need to eat something that will keep you full for several hours. Complex carbohydrates are a good thing to consume. A couple of pieces of whole grain toast with some peanut butter and a banana makes a great pre-drinking snack. You could also plan on eating an entire meal before going, especially in the case of social receptions for weddings and special events. Whatever you do, never go somewhere where you intend on consuming alcohol on an empty stomach. Not only are you more likely to get sick, you’re also more likely to become intoxicated faster. Intoxication leads to removing your guard and lowering your standards. Just as the guy across the room starts looking good, so do the french fries and onion rings.

Drink Water

We’re often told to drink a glass of water when we feel hungry because it fills us up. On the same coin, we’re told to keep hydrated when consuming alcohol. It makes sense to consume several glasses of water during occasions where drinking and eating are involved. Have a drink or two and then consume an entire glass of water. It’ll help you to pace yourself.

Keep Your Friends Close

Friends watch out for one another. They’re there to help you make judgment calls when you’re not in the right state of mind to make them by yourself. The obvious cases include not allowing anyone to go home with a creepy guy from the bar or drive home drunk. They also help you to avoid making other stupid decisions – like going to McDonald’s after 2 am after four cocktails for a value meal. Let your friends know before you go out to help you stay away from bad food choices. In a sense, have them cut you off with food the same way they’d cut you off of alcohol.

Go to Bed

After a night of drinking it’s hard to fight off bad food cravings. Your best bet? Simply go home and go to bed. When you wake up in the morning it’ll be time to eat something. You’ll be in a better frame of mind to make decent food choices.

Don’t allow alcohol to derail your diet. Take these preventative measures to keep from overeating.


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