How to Prevent Makeup from Melting in Summer

There’s nothing worse in the summer than glancing in the mirror to discover your carefully applied makeup has slid down your face. Hot temperatures during summer can make it difficult to keep makeup in place and prevent it from melting, but here are some tips on maintaining that perfect look.

Before Applying Makeup

Makeup melts away not only because of sweat, but also because of oil. Skin tends to produce more oil in the summer months, so using a oil preventative cleanser and blotting your face with absorbent paper before applying makeup can help. Using a clay mask once or twice a week might also help to prevent oily skin.

Tips for Makeup Application

The less makeup worn during summer the better, as not only is the natural look preferred while you’re having fun outside, it also helps to prevent makeup from melting. Try to skip the foundation entirely, if possible, using only a concealer where necessary and an oil free bronzer or tinted moisturizer with an SPF level of 15 or higher (preferably 30+). If you can’t do without foundation, use a primer underneath and blend the foundation in with your fingertips. This will warm it gently as it is worked into the skin, so it will react less when hit with summer sun. Apply a thin layer of powder to set the foundation.

Ideally, use a lip stain for lips, as this not only looks more natural than most other products, it will also stay put for six or more hours without any touch ups. If using lipstick or gloss, try applying face powder to the lips beforehand, as this can help them set better.

Water resistant mascara is better for your eyelashes than water proof mascara, which can contain harsh chemicals, but it’s not quite as hard wearing. Try testing it in the shower before heading out. If it survives the hot water, it should last during warm weather. A good eye makeup primer is important and should be applied before anything else. Use lighter colors around your eyes, as they are easier to fix and more forgiving than darker ones, and use cream or pressed powder eyeshadow, as it’s less likely to move. Try to find products that are labeled “sport”, “active” or “water resistant” and are silicone based for the best results.

Quick Fixes for Melting Makeup

Keep a makeup sponge and blotting paper in your bag. Use the sponge to smooth over any creases that develop, then lightly dust the area with powder to set it. If your face develops a shine or patches of oil blot (don’t rub) with the paper. Bring your sunscreen or moisturiser with SPF formulation with you and apply regularly. Allow it to be absorbed before applying anything else, as otherwise it could help your makeup to slide away.

While it is important to look your best over the summer, worrying too much about your makeup will stop you and those around you from having fun. Taking steps to ensure you don’t have to worry about melting makeup will help you to have a stress free summer.


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