How to Prevent Flabby Arms during Weight Loss

So, you say you are interested in losing weight, but the thought of developing flabby arms keeps you from taking the plunge. While this is a major concern for a number of people, it doesn’t have to be. When done properly, you can prevent the development of flabby arms during weight loss. For the best results, engage in the following practices:

Lose Weight Slowly

One of the most important ways that you can prevent flabby arms during weight loss is by losing weight slowly. Chances are, you know or have at least seen someone who has gone through gastric bypass surgery. They typically have lots of sagging, flabby skin. The reason for this is not because they very so large to begin with, but rather because they lost their weight at such a rapid rate. When you crash diet and lose high amounts of weight in a very short time, you skin is not able to keep up the pace, and because of this becomes flabby.

In order to prevent flabby arms during weight loss, set your weight loss goals to a reasonable pace. Aim to lose two pounds per week. This is the amount of weight loss per week that is recommended by the American Medical Association, and therefore is not only healthiest for your body, but will also allow your skin the time to shrink back to fit to your new, smaller size.

Strength Train

Strength training is another important tool to helping your prevent flabby arms during weight loss. Strength training helps to increase muscle mass in the areas that are being strengthened. This replaces the fat that was once in this area, and helps to “fill out” the loose skin that may have developed during the weight loss. For best results, be sure to perform a total body strength training routine. While it is possible to isolate particular spots with strength training, performing a total body workout with not only make your entire body look more toned, but will also make you stronger overall.

Perform Cardio Exercises

Another tool in the prevention of flabby arms during weight loss is cardiovascular exercise. Cardiovascular exercise is defined as any type of exercise that stresses your cardiovascular system, and typically includes walking, jogging, biking and similar activites. These types of exercises are important if you are trying to prevent flabby arms during weight loss, because research has found that cardiovascular exercise is one of the best ways to burn fat. Fat is typically the main contributor to flabby arms, and by burning fat, you’ll be greatly reducing the amount of flab. For best results, try to perform cardio at least 30 minutes five days a week.

Eat Right

Finally, in order to prevent flabby arms during weight loss, be sure to eat right. This means sticking closely to the food guide’s recommendations of six to 11 servings of whole grains, two to three servings of fruits, lean meats and dairy products, and three to four servings of vegetables. Eating right will give your body what it needs to adjust to your weight loss and new exercise routine, making you look better overall.


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