How to Prevent a Flushed Face from Drinking Alcohol

Many people experience a flushed face both during and after they have consumed alcohol. The problem typically occurs because the alcohol is not being broken down in the body completely. Acetaldehyde is the chemical that forms after alcohol has metabolized in the body, and the inability of this chemical to break down is the cause of the redness.

Tips To Prevent A Flushed Face

Heartburn medications, such as famotidine or ranitidine, taken an hour before alcohol consumption can reduce the redness in the face. This is because of their antihistaminic properties. Additionally, eating will assist in reducing the redness. Consuming a meal that consists mostly of carbohydrates can help eliminate the redness that results from drinking because the ethanol is absorbed by the carbohydrates and it doesn’t build up in the body.

Another tip to reduce the redness is to choose drinks that have a lower alcohol content, such as wine or beer. Liquors, such as whiskey, vodka or gin, have a much higher alcohol content and can result in a higher degree of redness in the face. Drinking at a slower rate may also help because the alcohol is entering the body at a slower rate. Therefore, the acetaldehyde is forming at a slower rate. Finally, try to avoid warm, brightly lit areas when drinking alcohol. The warmth and the light may stimulate additional flushing of the face.

When To Be Concerned

If redness persists despite trying the measures listed in this article, see your physician to make sure that the redness isn’t a sign of a more serious problem.


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