How to Prevent a Flushed Face during Pregnancy

Of all the skin changes you may experience during pregnancy, a flushed face is probably the most annoying. This is the “pregnancy glow” that everyone praises, but it can be downright irritating if you are experiencing it for yourself. In order to understand how you can prevent it, you must get a better understanding of what causes it.

What Causes Flushed Skin During Pregnancy?

The reddening of your face and cheeks you experience during pregnancy is due to both hormonal and physical changes your body is undergoing. As the volume of blood in your body increases, you are more prone to flushing and the blood vessels in your cheeks will reflect this physical change. In addition, anything that causes your blood vessels to dilate will cause a flush. Whether you are pregnant or not, the most common thing that causes dilation is increased heart rate–which you will have naturally during pregnancy anyway.

Other factors can contribute to a reddening of your cheeks, such as:

  • Spicy foods, a common craving during pregnancy
  • Increased physical exertion
  • Sun and wind exposure
  • Certain irritating skincare products

What Can You Do to Prevent Flushing?

You cannot change the dilation of your blood vessels, increased heart rate, or increased blood volume. So if this is seriously an embarrassing issue for you, try to take charge of the factors you can control. This includes cutting out spicy foods, opting for gentler exercise such as yoga, wearing sunscreen, and finding gentler skincare products.


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