How to Override Your Obesity Genes

A certain portion of the human population has what medical science has started calling obesity genes. This is a genetic makeup that partially predisposes these people to being overweight. Many people that have these obesity genes think that since they are predisposed to being overweight, they have no possibility of reaching a healthy weight. This, however, is incorrect.

With some modifications to your diet and exercise routine, you can overcome your obesity genes and have the body and build you’ve always wanted.

Modify Your Diet

No, this doesn’t mean starve yourself. This just means you need to be more careful about what and how much you eat, as well as how often. First and foremost, eat more meals that are smaller. Our three meals a day habits aren’t conducive to affective weight loss, since you end up having peaks and valleys of energy levels. When you wake up, try a bowl of a healthy cereal, with some sugar cane juice as a sweetener instead of sugar. Add a grapefruit, and you’ve just given your body the ability to more fully digest your food throughout the day, instead of either not taking nutrients from what you eat or storing it as fat.

Try healthy snacks like oatmeal bars or carrots, celery and cucumbers during the day. In the evening, instead of boiling those fresh vegetables, steam them with a little garlic and teriyaki sauce for flavor.

Engage in Effective Exercise

Getting up from the couch to grab another snack is not an effective exercise routine. You need to sweat. You also need to keep your heart rate and respiration at elevated levels for a minimum of 20 minutes a day. If you haven’t exercised in awhile, head out to the park and windmill for twenty to thirty minutes a day. Windmilling is walking at a faster than normal pace while swinging your arms to almost shoulder height.

After a couple of weeks, you can add a twenty to thirty minute cycling or swimming session to your exercise routine, twice a week. After you’ve built some body and leg strength, take up an affective isometrics training program, where you stand against a wall and do squats for ten minutes, then push-ups and sit-ups for another ten minutes. Again, after a couple of weeks, intensify this by adding weighted belts or wristbands to your isometrics and walking.

Sample Weekly Exercise Routine

Determining what and how to exercise can be difficult for someone who hasn’t had to formulate an exercise routine before. Below you will find a sample one week exercise routine. In Subsequent weeks, add some variety to the routine, like cycling, resistance training or swimming.

  • Monday: Head out to the park and walk for twenty minutes, windmilling
  • Tuesday: Walk around the neighborhood. Try for the same distance, but walk a little faster.
  • Wednesday: To the park again. Add distance and speed.
  • Thursday: Neighborhood walk-around again. More speed, higher windmills.
  • Friday: Park walking. Add ten minutes, more distance and faster walking
  • Saturday: You choose where. Double your distance today and add some speed to your walk.
  • Sunday: Rest, but be sure to maintain the diet.

As you can see, just because you have the genetic markers for obesity doesn’t mean you have to fall prey to them. A little thoughtful and healthy preparation of food, and an affective exercise routine, and that shapely body you always wanted will be yours.


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