How to Make Wild Oats the Perfect Dietary Snack Food

Wild oats can make a healthy dietary snack. Wild oats can be overlooked as a dietary food choice, even though there are several extremely nutritional benefits that they can provide. Wild oats are packed with thiamine, iron and dietary fiber which help your body and your heart stay healthy. It is very easy to incorporate trace amounts of wild oats into your diet without hassle and without expensive dietary foods.

What Wild Oats Are

Also known as Avena fatua, wild oats provide a great number of roles in herbal medicine, proving to be beneficial to your heart and your body in general. In most cases the seed is used for food products, being the best tasting and beneficial part of the plant.

Simple Snacks

Most dietary foods are a hassle to incorporate into a diet, and some even taste bad. The good news is that it is very simple to incorporate vast amounts of wild oats into a dietary plan. If you’re health conscious, these may already be familiar foods. Snacks containing wild oats can be found at your local health food store, or the health food aisle of your grocery store. Some of these include but aren’t limited to granola bars, oatmeal and oatmeal cookies. There are also several recipes online that can incorporate wild oats into something that you already eat regularly. For instance, wild oats can be combined with dry yeast, flour, salt, water and yellow cornmeal to create pizza crust. Recipes like these can be found almost anywhere online through a simple search. Some other possibilities are banana bread, bagels, scones, oatmeal, apple crumble, granola, waffles and even chocolate cake. Any type of breaded snack food that you can think of will benefit by removing half of the white flour and substituting the flour made by grinding wild oats. Cookies can be made a little healthier by using a 50-50 mix of regular flour and wild oat flour.

Benefits of Wild Oats

Along with the convenience of their availability, wild oats also have a number of benefits for your health. For instance, the insoluble fiber found in wild oats has cancer fighting properties that attack certain bile acids, thus reducing their toxicity. Wild oats have also been proven to reduce LDL cholesterol without bothering HDL cholesterol. There are practically endless benefits to adding oats to your diet, including but not limited to, being proven to reduce risk of diabetes by slowing down the digestion of starch, being proven to reduce the risk of heart disease and providing essential vitamins and nutrients to your body. With a light tweak to your diet and a quick trip online or to the grocery store, all of these benefits could be yours.
Wild oats are easy and painless to add to a dietary plan. Not only are wild oats great for weight loss, but they prevent several diseases and cancers as well. Most snack foods that are familiar and available everywhere already contain wild oats, making them a conveniently healthy option for dieting.

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