How to Make Sugar Free Chocolate Milk

Love chocolate milk but dread the amount of sugar in a serving? Learn how to make your own sugar free chocolate milk below.

Start with the Chocolate


Go to your local grocery store and look for a prepackaged bottle of sugar free chocolate syrup or powder mix on the shelves, such as Hershey’s, Sorbee or Swiss Mix. The downside of buying pre-made mixings is that they often contain preservatives and artificial food colors.


It may be worth your while to make your own chocolate syrup from scratch using unsweetened cocoa powder and your favorite sugar substitute, such as Splenda (sucralose) , Stevia or PureVia. Simply dissolve the powder and sugar substitute in boiling water at a 1:1 ratio, and let it cool down before you strain it through a coffee filter.

Add the Milk

Sugar in Milk?

Step two involves finding sugar free milk. The name, “sugar free milk”, however, is a misnomer because all dairy products contain sugar. Lactose is the naturally occurring sugar that makes up approximately 4.5% of regular milk. If you look closely at the nutritional content panel on a bottle of milk, you will most likely see the sugar content at about 12 grams of sugar per cup.  Manufactures have created lactose free milk by adding the enzyme Lactase, into their products, which will break down lactose, however, the products of this process are galactose and glucose, which are still sugars. In essence, there is no real dairy milk on the market that is truly sugar free.


Try dissolving sugar free coffee creamer into water to get a milky texture and taste without the sugar content.  Usually two to three heaping tablespoons of creamer is enough to make a cup of “milk”.

You can also try unsweetened almond milk. Typically, no sugar is added.


Once you have made your sugar free chocolate mix and your sugar free “milk”, simply mix them together with a 1:1 ratio for a great tasting treat. Enjoy!


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  • Blaine

    Use Almond milk, Blue Diamond Almond Breeze unsweetened Vanilla has the taste of whole milk and no sugar,

  • Kristine S

    Is there milk with added sugar? I might seem stupid to you at the moment, but we don’t add anything to our milk in Norway. I know it is sugar in milk naturally, but people adding sugar to an already great product…