How to Make Girls' Night Out a Fitness Fiasco

Girls’ night out can be a fun and relaxing way to spend an evening every so often, but have one too many and you just may find yourself in the middle of a fitness fiasco. Even if you keep your nights out less frequent, even one night out can derail your fitness program unless you’re careful. Know the frequent ways that women can make girls’ night out a fitness fiasco so that you can avoid them and not undermine what progress you’ve made so far.

Skipping a Regular Workout

While you may not have to workout every day, it only takes one night of missing a regular workout for you to lose your motivation to start up again. Not only will your muscles become less toned, but your endurance levels for physical activity will begin to decline. One skipped night may not make a large difference, but if you don’t feel up to exercising the next time because you enjoyed your time off, you can start a pattern of inactivity. If you’re scheduled for a workout on girls’ night out, try working out earlier in the day–or ask your friends to participate in some physical activity, like a sport or dancing. It may not be as comprehensive a workout as you usually have, but you’ll still be getting your blood pumping.

Falling Off Your Diet

Girls’ night out can also be a fitness fiasco because the temptation for falling off your diet is extremely high. Most nights out involve going out to eat, and your friends may order an unhealthy appetizer and pressure you to try some. They may ridicule your health choices, so you decide that “just one night” off of your diet won’t hurt. However, especially if you’re already skipping a workout, those excess calories can undermine any progress you’ve made so far. A lack of vitamins and minerals that you find in those usually healthy food choices can fail to give you the energy you need to workout.

Drinking Too Much

A girls’ night out may also involve drinking alcohol. Some drinks may be allowed on your diet if imbibed occasionally, but many drinks are just empty calories. If you let yourself go too much, you may lose your sense of judgment and continue to consume alcoholic drinks that just add empty calories to your body.

Comparing Diet Successes

If getting together with your girlfriends inevitably leads to discussing your weight loss progress and fitness regime, the discussion can potentially lead to a fitness fiasco. If your friend has lost more weight than you have, for example, you may start to question your already-established fitness regime. No two bodies are alike and it’s possible that your friend is on a diet or exercise program that’s not healthy for you. Other friends may be jealous of your fitness regimen and make comments that undermine your progress.


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