How to Make Chocolate Milk Healthy and Tasty

Chocolate milk is a healthy treat whose appeal crosses generations. But many people balk at putting sugary syrup or powder into their body, even in chocolate form. If you are one of those people, here we look at how to make chocolate milk more healthy.

Choose Wisely

Chocolate milk, in general, is not an unhealthy drink. A serving of chocolate milk contains more nutrition and fewer sugars than even a single cup of apple juice. You can use little tricks to make your chocolate milk even healthier. For instance, it is up to you how much chocolate syrup or powder you put in your drink. The less syrup, the less sugar. Find out precisely how much chocolate you or your kids need to be satisfied. You may find it’s less than the recommended amount. You could also choose sugar free syrup or powder. Sugar free versions are available for most  popular chocolate mixes, including Hersheys and Nesquik.

The Milk

By now you’ve probably noticed just how many different varieties of milk you can get at the store: low fat, no fat, full fat, vitamin fortified, soy based or rice based. You can choose the best milk for your needs. Fat free, Vitamin D fortified milk can be the base of a thin but non-fattening chocolate milk. Soy or rice based milks are an excellent vegan option for chocolate milk. But remember, two percent isn’t going to do you much damage, either, and full percent milk can be a real treat for special occasions. All these milks help you get the protein, calcium and vitamins recommended by the Food and Drug Administration.

Pudding “Smoothie”

There are some non-traditional ways to make chocolate milk healthy, without store bought syrups. One way to cut the fat and calories in a serving of chocolate milk is to get out the blender. Sugar free chocolate pudding can help you whip up a thick and rich chocolate milk. That same endless “set time” that drove you mad as a child is your friend when it comes to a creamy, low calorie drink. Simply add three cups of low fat milk and a small package of sugar free chocolate pudding mix to your blender. You can add more milk or less chocolate depending on your taste. Blend with a few ice cubes, and you’ve got yourself a cool, rich chocolate drink.


Then there are some very traditional ways to make your chocolate milk more healthy. Ovaltine, the chocolate milk powder so popular in the 1950s, is still around and is still packing a vitamin punch. Ovaltine powder is infused with nutrition. When combined with milk, Ovaltine offers an adult an average quarter percent of the RDA for most vitamins and minerals. This includes iron, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and harder to get minerals like zinc and copper. It does contain sugar, but no fat, and only 170 calories per glass when combined with fat free milk. All that healthy stuff does come through in the taste, but just a little. Kids usually don’t even notice. Mostly Ovaltine is just a tasty, healthy option for chocolate milk.

There are many ways to drink chocolate milk. You can choose low fat and low sugar in your ingredients, or powder that is loaded with vitamins. However you do it, let chocolate milk and all the nutrition that comes with it be a part of your healthy diet.


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