How to Make a Macadamia Nut Oil Hair Treatment

Everyone wants long, beautiful hair, but blow drying, curling and dying our hair can have damaging results. This guide will teach you the benefits of using macadamia nut oil as a hair treatment. Your hair will be looking great in no time!

About Macadamia Nut Oil

Macadamia nut oil has for years been praised as a treatment for damaged skin and hair. This oil is extracted from the nuts of the macadamia tree, and is often included as an ingredient in both skin care products and sunscreens. The chemistry behind this oil makes it a great addition to both cosmetics and toiletries, as well as cooking oil.

While some traditional oils can leave the hair and scalp greasy, macadamia nut oil is readily absorbed into the hair follicles and scalp. This means that there is no residual greasiness on the scalp. In addition, macadamia nut oil has been found to increase the strength of the hair all the way to the root, resulting in strong and smooth hair.

How to Use Macadamia Nut Oil for Hair

Before using the oil on your head, test a small bit on your hands. Pour a drop or two into one palm, and carefully rub in. Keep an eye on the location to which the oil was applied. If no rashes or red spots appear within a day or two, you can assume that you do not have a sensitivity to the oil.  

Pour a few tablespoons of the oil into a microwave safe bowl or cup, and heat until slightly warm. Carefully apply the hot oil to your hair, making sure that there is a thin layer over the entire length of all hair follicles, as well as on the scalp. Keep the oil on your hair for roughly two hours, and then rinse with a gentle shampoo.

How to Make a Macadamia Nut Oil Deep Repair Mask

Sometimes your hair needs an extra boost, and this repair mask can be just what your hair needs. To make this mask, combine a quarter cup macadamia nut oil with a drop of tea tree or chamomile oil, and add a small amount of aloe for good measure. All of these ingredients have their own unique benefits, and when combined are even more effective at hair repair. Some of these benefits include preventing dandruff, promoting hydration, increasing sheen and stimulating hair growth.

Before applying the mask, shampoo your hair and carefully towel dry. Pour a small amount of the mask into the palm of your hand, and rub your hands together. Once the mask has thoroughly coated your hands, run your hands through your hair, spreading the lotion through the strands of hair. Make sure the mask has been evenly applied. Use a comb to distribute the mask. Leave the oil on your hair for approximately five to ten minutes, and then rinse your hair with warm water. Apply the mask to your hair once or twice a week in order to see optimal results.


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